An animated introductory video to the anti-vaccine debate

Disease on the rise

In recent years, there have been a frighting increase in cases of preventable diseases in the United States. These cases are linked to a quickly growing trend of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children, thus dubbed the Anti-Vaxxer movement. This topic is extremely divisive to the point where pro and anti-vaxxers rarely conduct open, unbiased discussion.


Series of introductions

In order to address the anti-vaccine debate, we created the first video in a series about who these anti-vaxxers are and why they choose not to vaccinate. No one denies that cases of preventable diseases are rising, and conversation is the only way to combat this problem. And the first step toward open dialogue is to get to know the voices on the otherside of the issue.


Evan Dull
Jenn Woodham

My Role

Motion Graphics Designer
Voice Actor

Time Frame

Three weeks


Opening the dialogue

In order to maintain an unbaised, approachable stance on the issue, we chose to animate the content of our video using bright colors and rounded edges. Our characters and assets are engaging and fun to watch, but the message is clear and easily digestible. In this video, we set the scene for the vaccination debate, and introduce our three archetypes. Subsequent videos would dive deeper into each archetype, talking about their demographics and motivations.

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