A different type of gamer magazine

The New Medium

Video games are quickly becoming the perfect storytelling medium. They combine visual art, design, music and writing in a space where the audience can engage with the story in an immersive way. Not only that, as technologies evolve, the limitations in development are being pushed in ways we never thought possible and previous barriers to user accessibility have all but vanished. Yet, as video games become more of an integral part of our mainstream media culture, there is an astounding lack of printed publications discussing the changing landscape of this developing medium, and none discussing what impact gaming has on our society today.



Video games, deconstructed

In ten weeks I created a magazine to fill that need. Pixel is a video game magazine for the gamer who likes to talk about the details. Readers enjoy discussing character development, story arch and plot devices, with a few throwback cheat codes here and there. They not only want to be in the know about the latest and greatest games, but they want to participate in the fascinating crafting of this new genre of entertainment. Every monthly issue of Pixel explores a different topic. In the October 2015 issue we take a look at women in gaming. We look at defining tropes in female characters, academic studies on how gender affects young gamers, and whether or not men can write cnvincing female characters.

My Role

Editor in Chief
Creative Director
Copy Editor

Time Frame

Ten weeks


It's just my type

While creating Pixel thoroughly tested my ability to make compelling and engaging use of the grid, it also deepened my love for typography. For the body copy of the magazine, I used Proxima Nova. It's an approachable sans-serif with a moderate x-height, perfect for reading long format articles.


Something to talk about

In order to create this magazine, I needed to have over sixty pages of copy, images, and advertisments. I found a few articles to feature from other periodicals, but the majority of the content I made myself. I wrote reviews, illustrated imagry, and even created a four page ad series.

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